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Barcode Products
Barcode Products

Barcode Products

Barcode products or a barcode system consist of muliple pieces of equipment and software typically. A full system to us is typically a scanner, handheld computer, printer, and software.  Many factors and complications can be result and be very unique to each business,  that are best resolved by having us help you.  

The size and needs of your business will directly affect the software requirements, and also the amount of equipment to purchase.  These are all areas we can assist you in.  Even the type of labels required to adhese and meet your specifications, are an area we specialize in. 

If our shrink wrap software applications are not a close enough fit, we can also do custom design, installation, and software development to meet you needs.  We can create a functional specification or use one you have created to create a custom solution.


If you need one piece like a barcode scanner, barcode printer, barcode label, barcode ribbon, mobile computer, fork lift computer, ID badges, are a plethoria of other products this is you starting point.  Again, please call us at 1-800-798-2042, if you need any help.

Associated Items
Barcode Scanner
Barcode scanners includes both cordless and corded or Tethered Laser Scanners and Imagers in 1D and 2D. We also have an automated line scanner in Datalogic Automation.
Engineering Services
Engineering and Systems services offered by BCI-Barcode Integrators and A1
Handheld Computer
Handheld Computer consist of batch and wireless devices. The options are endless, batch, radio card, bluetooth, IP53- IP65. Handheld computers includes portable handhelds, tablets, and fork lift terminals.
Barcode Printer
Barcode printer includes industrial or tabletop, desktop, and mobile printers used in barcode and receipt printing.
Barcode Software
Barcode software includes WMS, Inventory, Asset Tracking, Package Tracking, and barcode creation software. Intellitrack, Redbeam, Niceware, Seagull, Teklynx, ARO, Savant, and BellHawk are our main products.
ID Badge Printers
ID Badge printers includes printers, cards, and other media as required, This includes Fargo, Zebra Card, and Datacard printers and HID Cards.
Aluminum and Synthetic asset tags. These include RFID and many configurations.
Barcode products and a barcode Systems consist of muliple 
pieces of equipment and software typically.  A full system 
to us is typically a scanner, handheld computer, printer, 
and software.

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