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BellHawk Real-Time Operations Tracking and Management Software
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Bellhawk Systems

BellHawk Real-Time Operations Tracking and Management Software

BellHawk Software Platform

The BellHawk software is an integrated set of software modules that were developed by BellHawk Systems own technical staff specifically for use within mid-sized manufacturing and other industrial organizations. They were developed at a cost of over $2 Million, over a period of more than a decade, as a result of nearly 100 implementation projects. These modules embody best-of-breed lean manufacturing and operational information technology practices.

The BellHawk software is designed to be used for a wide range of operations tracking applications. It has special features for use by organizations that need to meet tracking and traceability requirements mandated by standards organizations such as ISO or HACCP or Government agencies such as the FDA, USDA or DoD. It is also designed to comply with GS1 supply chain integration standards and EDI communications.

Clients can start with one of the following base systems and then add modules as their barcode tracking needs expand into other areas.

  • BellHawk Barcode Inventory Tracking Software (BH-BITS) edition which provides a comprehensive inventory tracking solution for manufacturing, laboratory, medical and maintenance applications. Also used for Asset Tracking Applications.
  • BellHawk Work-in-Process and Labor Tracking Software (BH-WIPS) edition which provides an affordable and easy-to-use system for tracking work orders through a sequence of operations in real-time as well as capturing the labor time for each operation as well as the overall job.
  • BellHawk Warehouse Management Software (BH-WMS) is a bundle which builds upon the capabilities of the barcode inventory tracking software to provide a comprehensive real-time warehouse management capability for warehouses associated with manufacturing and other industrial organizations as well as with medical, laboratory and biotechnology facilities.
  • BellHawk Real-Time Production, Materials and Operations Tracking  Software (BH-PMTS) edition which provides comprehensive real-time operations tracking capabilities for manufacturing and other industrial organizations. This includes tracking jobs, materials, inventory, work-in-process, customer orders, as well as the processing and/or transformation of materials. This includes tracking make-to-order, engineer-to-order, construction, repair, defense and other Government projects.

All these software products are built around a common database and common core of code. This allows users to start with one base system and then to add capabilities as their needs expand, by having BellHawk Systems issue an updated licensing file. Please click here for details of the BellHawk Optional Software Modules.

In addition, BellHawk Systems provides its:

  •  Bell-Connector software which enables the rapid implementation of reliable data exchange interfaces between ERP and accounting systems, MES and WMS systems, EDI, E-Commerce and supply chain systems.
  • BellHawk Real-Time Operations Monitoring and Problem Alerting (RTX) software which uses real-time intelligent agent technology to monitor your operational data and to detect when there are problem situations that need attention. RTX then sends real-time alerts by Email or text messages to managers, supervisors, customer support people and material handlers when intervention is required.

Both SCI and RTX are built upon a common core of capabilities provided by the Bell-Connector Software Framework.

The BellHawk barcode tracking software is available for use on a subscription, Software-as-a-Service basis, over the Internet, at a secure data center in the "Cloud". Alternately clients can purchase a perpetual license or rent a license to use BellHawk on their own server.

In most applications, the BellHawk software works "out of the box" to meet most of each client's operational requirements. This software can then be quickly and efficiently tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client, with the opportunity for clients to provide as much of the support services themselves, in order to keep costs to a minimum.

Please call us on the following to view an overview of the Capabilities of the BellHawk Software.

BellHawk Real-Time Operations Tracking and Management Software 
The BellHawk software is an integrated set of software modules that were developed for mid-sized manufacturing and other industrial organizations WIPS, Tracking, Inventory

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