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Nicelabel Comparison Chart
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Nicelabel Comparison

Nicelabel Comparison

NiceLabel Designers edition comparison

Native font/barcode support for 2500+ label printer models X X X X
Support for all laser/inkjet printers with a Windows driver X X X X
No printer seat licensing X X X X
User interface Languages 27 27 27 25
Accepts and prints data in any language - Unicode data support X X X X
Certified and compatible systems: XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 X X X X
Users 1 1 1 1, 5, 10, 20, 50
Point and click WYSIWYG template design X X X X
Label setup wizard for quick start with best printing quality and performance X X X X
Text, barcodes, lines, boxes, circles, clip art, images and PDF files X X X X
Print objects in reverse/negative: white on black X X X X
Live database view in objects in template design area X X X X
Windows system and built-in printer fonts support X X X X
Advanced objects: Rich text, Curved text, RFID     X X
Automatic text resizing to fit the predefined area     X X
Variable label length, relative object positioning, variable size text     X X
Library of ready-to-use international standards compliance label templates     X X
Non-rectangular shape text placeholder for GHS labels     X X
More than 70 linear and 2D barcode symbologies X X X X
GS1 (formerly UCC/EAN) Application Identifier Data Source Wizard X X X X
Automatic check digit calculation X X X X
Sequentially numbered barcodes X X X X
Place "human readable" text anywhere in relation to barcodes X X X X
Customizable "human readable" character template X X X X
Custom check digits     X X
Print time database record selection X X X X
Read Excel files, ASCII & Unicode text files X X X X
OLE DB and ODBC connectivity to almost any existing database   X X X
Connection to multiple databases and tables on the same label     X X
Import variable graphics from databases (BLOB)     X X
Custom SQL data queries     X X
Data from weighing scales supported by data entry forms       X
Basic serialization: Numeric (base 10) and alphabetic (base 26) X X X X
Advanced serialization: Alphanumeric (base 36), hexadecimal (base 16) and custom     X X
Customizable data-entry filters and error checking X X X X
Single line formulas (VB expressions)   X X X
Advanced formulas supporting international standards HIBC, ASC, SSCC     X X
VBScript and Python scripting for custom data processing     X X
Source data with keyboard, time and date (from PC or printer)     X X
Single-click document selection and printing (QuickPrint)   X X X
Preconfigured print-only screen with live label preview (NicePrint)   X X X
Auto generated customizable print-only form (EasyForms)     X X
Add custom instructions, images and hyperlinks to print forms (EasyForms)     X X
No-programming graphical application builder for custom printing forms (PowerForms)       X
Add custom data entry and validation objects to printing form to reduce errors (PowerForms)       X
Interface and control peripheral devices, PLCs... (PowerForms)       X
Display printer status within the printing form (PowerForms)       X
No-programming workflow editor including actions for printing labels, database queries, integrations with scales, PLCs... (PowerForms)       X
Multi-lingual printing forms (PowerForms)       X
NEW: Control visual object properties based on user actions (PowerForms)       X
Speed optimization reuses repeating data instead of resending it X X X X
Local and network printer support X X X X
Advanced on-screen print preview X X X X
Session print X X X X
Support for printer-based barcodes X X X X
Support for printer-based serial numbers, time, date     X X
Color separation (for GHS labeling)     X X
Batch printing: header and tail labels     X X
Two-sided ("duplex") design and printing     X X
Advanced cutter control     X X
Print quantity can be set from keyboard or data source     X X
Label template and printer name can be provided in a database       X
Control from other programs using ActiveX and .NET     X X
Control from other programs using command line parameters     X X
Export printer code templates for SAPscript-ITF, keypads, printers that accept XML, and more     X X
Export printer code templates for RedPrairie, ClickReply and custom formats       X
Advanced integration and control with JOB and XML command scripts     X X
Log to file: Errors and events     X X
Log to database: Errors and events     X X
Reprint from log     X X
Role based user access to modules/functionality     X X
Security: lock label design with a password     X X
Lock use of label template to select workstations     X X

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Nicelabel Comparison Chart

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