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Unitech HT682 | Mobile Computer | Handheld Computer

Unitech HT682

Unitech HT682 The Unitech HT682 is a rugged handheld computer ideally suited for the toughest retail, manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation environments.

The value-priced HT682 can yield an impressive return on your investment. This handheld computer is exceptionally rugged and weighs only 11 ounces. An IP65 environmental seal equips the HT682 to withstand exposure to dust and moisture it can even endure direct water spills. The HT682 handheld computer continues to perform reliably after multiple 6-foot drops to concrete. Superior ruggedness translates to less repairs and downtime in the field, ensuring an uninterrupted workflow. The HT682 is built to last.

The HT682 contains expanded memory capacity, a new operating system, and a lightning-fast Texas Instruments 800MHz processor. This robust platform ensures your applications run quickly and efficiently, thereby minimizing downtime and improving productivity. With a 2.8 inch display with color touch screen and micro SD expansion slot for data storage, combines

Fast, rugged, and compact—the HT682 handheld computer offers incredible value.

In retail, the HT682 handheld computer can be an important tool for tracking inventory throughout receiving, restocking, and returns processing. By reducing inventory errors, facilitating price management, and optimizing workflow, the HT682 will help keep shelves well stocked while improving overall customer satisfaction.

From a manufacturing viewpoint, the HT682 is a budget-conscious tool for asset tracking and Work in Progress (WIP), speeding the flow of materials and ensuring inventory availability. The HT682 handheld computer can reduce order errors and returns by facilitating receiving, replenishment, put-away, packing and shipping.

In light warehousing, this device provides support for pick, pack and ship processes, helping maintain the visibility of inbound and outbound packages and reducing inventory losses. With an HT682 handheld computer, you can keep an accurate count of inventory and packages while also tracking your assets.

Transportation applications for the HT682 include proof-of-delivery, returns, packing, and shipping support. Improve driver productivity and reduce the amount of erroneous shipments by using the HT682 to track activity.

  • OS: Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Pro
  • CPU: TI AM3703 800MHz
  • Memory: 512MB
  • Environmental Seal: IP65
  • Drop Spec: 6-feet
  • Weight: 11 oz (with battery)
  • Warranty: 1 year
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                Unitech HT682      Unitech HT682
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The Unitech HT682 is a high quality handheld terminal offering great features, making this device suitable for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, retail, warehousing and logistics. Designed for the toughest work environments

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